AWS - Amazon Web Services - Benefits - Certifications - Roles & Responsibilities

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a secure cloud services platform, offering compute power, database storage, content delivery and other functionality to help businesses scale and grow. Explore how millions of customers are currently leveraging AWS cloud products and solutions to build sophisticated applications with increased flexibility, scalability and reliability.

What is AWS?

AWS is actually a subsidiary of which provides cloud computing platform on demand for many organization. A secure could services platform which offers database storage, content delivery, compute power and other functionalities which helps in business growth. Check here about all the latest topics of Amazon Web Services(Pdf download ava)

Benefits of AWS

The benefits of AWS andcloud computing overall are significant. According to Gartner, between 2013 and 2015, infrastructure-as-as-service (IaaS) will grow from $8.1B to $15.5B (91%); platform-as-a-service (PaaS) will grow from $1.2B to $1.8B (50%); and software-as-a-service (SaaS) will grow from $14.5B to $22.1B (52%). Thus, the total market spend for cloud computing will increase from $23.8B to $39.4B (66%). Cloud computing is here. Leveraging the benefits of AWS can dramatically increase both the effectiveness and efficiency of your company.

AWS Administrator Roles and Responsibilities

  • An AWS Administrator must have the following Roles and Responsibilities to be a appear for AWS Certification exam.
  • Can able to Deploy, Manage and Operate highly scalable fault tolerance systems on AWS
  • Knowledge in Migrating an existing application to AWS
  • The flow of data to and from AWS can be implemented and controlled
  • Appropriate AWS service selection based on the data
  • Estimating and controlling the AWS usuage cost, operational cost

AWS Certification
  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect
  • AWS Certified Developer
  • AWC Certified SysOps Administrator
  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect
  • AWS Certified DevOps Engineer
  • AWS Certified Big Data
  • AWS Certified Advanced Networking

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